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There are 2 posts in August 2012

Only the strong

For sportsmen, the urge to win and be the best is probably among the loudest voices in our heads. It’s very hard to ignore this voice, and it’s what drives us to wake up earlier than anyone else, to train harder than anyone else, to push our bodies beyond its limit, to eat food which our tongue disagrees with, and all of it just to gain that extra edge over our competitors.

The price of Passion

Passion, a word that has such a broad meaning and yet is so singular. It’s quite difficult to explain passion to someone as you can be passionate about anything, I recently read about a lady who had RM1.6million worth of Louboutin shoes, and though that might make some of us cringe, who are we to judge as she could just be passionate about those shoes and has the money to indulge in them.