27 Nov 2012

Keeping the motivation going

The business of motor sport is probably one of the most complicated sports ever. A driver can have the best car, and the best team but is still not able to extract 100% out of the car and as such does not deliver great results. Do you then blame the driver or look into other factors that could have possibly contributed to such a result.

Well more often than not it is not the driver, just look at Formula 1 where the difference between the best driver and the last is probably just a few seconds, the rest is up to the car. All Formula 1 drivers brake at just about the same point, turn in for a corner at the same point, and even accelerate at the same point as well. Just take a look at Jenson Button when he was driving for Honda, what a difference he made when Ross Brawn took over the team and literally had the entire paddock stand up and notice. Suddenly the driver you regularly saw at the tail end of the field became world champion.

However, the story of a race driver is not always strewn with trophies and championships, sometimes there are other factors as well, like the skill of engineers, and the budgets that team have to further develop the car. It is sad that good drivers have to deal with such things, but that is racing, you just have to deal with it, and keep the motivation going.

If there is one thing we drivers learn from Jenson’s story is that to keep your chin up and your motivation high. As a race driver, our job is to constantly push and extract all the elements out of your body and the car, no matter how tough the situation is, we give it the best each time, every time.

It also important to keep the team motivated to push harder. Michael Schumacher has always been great at motivating his team. When he was not racing, he was with his team at the factory working on further improving his car, and that translated to great on track results. It is this effort that keeps the team going as well, and with the team motivated, you get a good car. Even though you end up dead last sometimes, but on the development side of things, the team would have amassed crucial amounts of data, and figured out how the car responds to a certain setting.  With the data, and the motivation, the entire team can then go and harness this information and transform it into brilliant results.

I personally have experienced such situations as well, to be more specific I have experienced it in two ways – one is not having the best team and the best car, and two is having the best team, and the best car but with zero performance. Sometimes circumstances just don’t go your way, but it was tough I must say, because it is not only you who wants great results, but the team as well. However it is in situations like that where you need to hold your head high, and the motivation rocketing, because as with anything else in life, it is only by persevering that you get results, and I am more than determined to push right till the end, in this case, it is the top step of the podium.


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