06 Sep 2012

Jazeman receives British Racing Drivers’ Club Rising Star status

Malaysian driver, Jazeman Jaafar, has been confirmed as a new member of the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) Rising Star programme, following an invitation from the Club last month. The BRDC Rising Stars programme aims to assist the very best British and Commonwealth drivers achieve their goal of success in top level motorsport.


A ‘Rising Stars’ panel of scouts are trackside to identify potential candidates who are aged 24 and under, are taking their motor racing seriously and aiming for a professional career within the sport. Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 driver for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, a former BRDC Rising Star, is one of many success stories from the scheme. With eight national champions from the programme last season alone, BRDC Rising Stars has a proven track record of selecting only the best of individuals.

Jaafar, the first Malaysian driver to be a BRDC Rising Star, will carry the unique BRDC Rising Stars ‘blue roundel’ on his race suit and race car, representing the BRDC as he races and as part of the scheme will be a ‘Junior Member’ of the BRDC, with many of the privileges enjoyed by full members of the Club. Jaafar says of his achievement, “I am honoured to have been invited to be a BRDC Rising Star and I will wear the logo with pride. It means a lot to me to have been recognised by the BRDC as a potential motor racing star and it spurs me on even more to be as successful as I can be.”

He continues, “As a Rising Star I will have the opportunity to participate in BRDC social events and meet many of the key personalities within the sport who will be important to me in the future. It will also provide me with a network of professionals with an unrivalled bank of knowledge and contacts who can help me achieve my goals in motor racing.”

Derek Warwick, former Grand Prix driver and President of the BRDC adds, “We offer Jazeman a warm welcome to the BRDC and the Rising Stars programme. We have been following Jazeman’s progress through the lower ranks of motor racing and noting his successes along the way. He is showing great promise and we hope that with the support of the BRDC he will continue to be successful as he climbs up the ladder of the sport.”

Membership of the BRDC is highly sought after and extremely difficult to achieve, with a membership of 850 of the most successful racing drivers from Great Britain and the Commonwealth.  The BRDC owns and operates Silverstone Circuit in the UK and has been responsible for developing it into a world class motorsport venue and promoting top flight motor racing for 60 years. As ‘guardians of British motorsport’ the BRDC has for many years fostered young driver talent as evidenced by its BRDC Rising Star programme for British and Commonwealth drivers and its SuperStars programme for British drivers.

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